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VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: $145 Classic Set of Lashes for February

EyeLash Extensions River North

Wellcome to Eye Lashes River North
Lash extensions, like all beauty rituals, are certainly not one look fits all. Everyone on the Eye Lashes River North team has a background and passion in beauty, and are trained on all different styles and looks. We will talk you through the different options for lash extensions — length, volume, fullness. We will work with you to select the perfect set of lash extensions for your own style, so you look the way you want to look.

No More Smudges
The days of smudges are over with your eyelash extensions, since you no longer need mascara. That’s not the only benefit, though — removing the weight of mascara will actually help your lashes grow and stay healthy. Removing mascara has lots of benefits, and less makeup is an overall positive. Less makeup means fewer steps at night, and even fewer in the morning. Even better, it’s less wear and tear around your eyes as you battle to apply and then remove stubborn makeup!