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What Eyelashes River North Considers when Selecting Eyelash Extensions:

•Your eye shape – almond, upturned, downturned, round, protruding

•The size of your eyes – large, small or in-between

•Your eyelids – mono-lids and hooded eyelids have different considerations than other lid types

•The orientation of your eyes – deep set, wide set, close set

•Your eye color

•The qualities of your natural lashes – their length, volume, color and curl (if any)

•Your preferences – a natural look vs. a glamorous or dramatic look

•Any allergies or sensitivities you may have

•Your tolerance for upkeep

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At Eyelashes River North we offer keratin treatments for your lashes. Book your appoitment today!
The "lifting" part of the name comes from the fact that the keratin treatment works to lift your lash from base to tip, as a mascara wand would, so that you're able to see its full length. But instead of a wand, the effect is achieved using a silicone rod covered in a keratin formula. In the same way that keratin serves as a building block to healthy hair for the strands on your head, this protein works to smooth out and strengthen your lashes while giving them semi-permanent shape Lasting 4-8 weeks

Eyelash extensions last longer than you think.

With proper care, I can get my extensions to last up to a month and a half. Most places recommend you come back every 2-3 weeks for a touch up, but if you’re looking to save a bit of money, you can prolong their lifespan. Just be careful not to get water on your lashes and don’t use oily products near your eyes.

If you can’t stand the thought of ditching your smoky eye, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Only liquid-based eye products can be damaging to the extensions, but you can get away with a tiny wing of liquid liner as long as you’re not dragging it along the lash line. Make sure to carefully remove the shadow or liner with oil-free makeup remover and Q-tips for precision. Most importantly, stay away from mascara entirely as it leaves the extensions crusty and damaged. It’s only acceptable if you’re at the end of your cycle and will be getting a fresh set in a few days.
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